Free Family Devotional

Gossip. Slander. Exaggeration. Lying. Boasting. Encouraging. Building-Up. Edifying.

Great topics! Who doesn't struggle in his words? The Bible says that if we can control our tongues, we are a perfect man!

Our church recently went through a series on the tongue called, "Oh Be Careful Little Mouth." You can listen to or read all the sermons here.

To go along with the topics, I was asked to write a family devotional for our congregation. It's available as a free download here.

There are three lessons during each of the five weeks, exploring the different elements of how we use our words. My family has been greatly helped during our time studying this important topic. I hope it blesses you and your family as well!

Download the PDF Here:

live11familydevotional.pdf live11familydevotional.pdf
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