A Poem for 2010


This great year of two thousand and ten

Was full of travels, much laughter with friends.

God has blessed us with family so close,

And friends who are fun and don’t mine my bad prose.


Kevin turned one and is all stuffed with giggles,

He loves to wrestle, always full of wiggles.

Playing with balls and throwing them far,

We might yet have an athlete among us - a star!


Nathan, at five, is a storyteller, its true,

With tales of cars that can fly to the moon.

LEGOs and trains and race cars indeed

Fill up his day, and he’s learning to read!


As sweet as a lollipop, Katie, at seven,

Can color and cook and sing praises to Heaven.

Playing with dolls and dress-up and reading,

Fun times with friends and, of course, trick or treating.


Abby’s feet hardly are touching the floor,

You’ll find her in trees or climbing a door.

At nine years old, quite an artist is she,

Who wants to spread Jesus’s love over seas.


Becky teaches the children with joy,

Add acting, photography, and Thirty-One, oh boy!

The writing of books is a hobby that’s new,

“Duncan’s Journey” is published and available soon!


Lee leads the home in our wrestling matches,

And is learning the skills to mend wounded with patches.

Planning and building while during the day,

Then comes home as daddy and ready to play.


Thanks be to God for our blessings galore,

And the forgiveness from Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

His grace is sufficient for this day and the next,

May your 2011 be peaceful and blessed.


All our love,


Lee, Becky, Abby, Katie, Nathan, & Kevin Emerick



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