Home School Annual Plan 

A sneak-peak into our home school plan for 2011.

History and Geography:

History of Science through Literature, Beautiful Feet

Geography through Literature, Beautiful Feet



Shiller Math and Math Workbooks



Primary and Secondary Language Lessons  (3rd and 5th)

Funnix Reading Lessons (K)

Spelling Wisdom, Charlotte Mason (3rd and 5th)

Copywork (3rd and 5th)

Journaling (3rd and 5th)



Wonder Devotionals (Independent) (3rd and 5th)

Drawing Through the Psalms (Family)

Seeds Family Worship Memory Verses

Literature: (Not including the literature that is a part of History and Geography)

Trumpet of the Swan

Little House Books 1-5

Om Kas Toe

Bold Journey

Naya Nuki

Walk the World’s Rim

Sign of the Beaver

Independent Reading (3rd and 5th):

Rabbit Hill, by Robert Lawson
The Ordinary Princess, by M. M. Kaye
The Secret School by Avi
Tom Swift
Come On, Sea Biscuit
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Explorer
Daniel Boone, Young Hunter and Tracker
Northern American Indians
Old Ramon
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
The Story of the Wright Brothers and their Sister
Tikta' Liktak
Plains Indians, Vostaas
Your Land and Mine
Clues in the Woods
Footprints in the Barn
Key to the Treasure by Peggy Parish
Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares
Eat My Dust!
Girls & Young Women Inventing
Listen Up!