Books you don't want to miss!

Family Devotionals

Duncan's Journey: A Little Lamb's Adventure through the Twenty-Third Psalm

by Becky Emerick

This is a book I wrote for my own children that leads you verse by verse through this beloved Psalm through the eyes of a lamb named Duncan.

Leading Little Ones to God

by Miriam M. Schoolland

An excellent devotional for children and parents to read together. My parents read this to me as a kid, and I've read it to my children twice. It's theology at their level.

US Historical Fiction

Johnny Tremaine

by Esther Forbes 

My family loved this book when we were studying American History! They kept begging me to read another chapter. The ending was sad and dragged a bit.

Lamplighter Books 

Lamplighter is an organization that takes classic, out-of-print books and gives them a second life. These are heart-changing stories that you'll want to re-read to your children every year. Below are my favorites for children.

Teddy's Button

by Amy LeFeuvre

I highly recommend this book, which tells a compelling tale about fighting our giants inside. My children were brought to tears during a conversation with an old soldier. I highly recommend the full-version, although the picture version does have beautiful illustrations.

Helen's Temper

By Mrs. George Gladstone

What are the consequences of our anger? Follow the life of young Helen as she discovers the tragic effect our anger has on the people around us, as well as the forgiveness that can be graciously given. Warning: my daughters had tears flowing at the end of this book, but the memory of its impact will last a lifetime.

The Three Weavers 

by Annie Fellows Johnson

This is a tale about waiting for the perfect husband and not settling for less than God's best. I want to re-read this to my daughters year after year.

The White Dove 

by Christoph von Schmid

A beautiful story of friendship. We adored the characters in this lovely book!

Fire in the Sky 

by Christoph von Schmid

This dramatic story creates such a thankfulness for the world around us as we see what it would be like to discover God's creation for the first time. Little Henry, kidnapped and forced to live in a cave for much of his childhood, is mesmerized by everything when he finally emerges. The text is beautiful and inspiring.

Little Threads 

by Elizabeth Prentiss

This story illustrates how a contentious child is problematic for the whole family by contrasting two little girls, Golden Thread and Tangle Thread. We read this years ago, and my children still talk about the kind of thread that they are.



Charlotte's Web


The Tale of Despereaux


Trumpet of the Swan


Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Farm



Gladys Aylward: Christian Heroes Then and Now


George Mueller: Christian Heroes Then and Now




Hudson Taylor: Christian Heroes Then and Now