Below are some of my favorite home school resources. Enjoy!

Writing Resource Downloads:

Below are files that I've created for my children. Three of them are copy work files and the fourth is a selection of journal prompts. Feel free to edit and adapt for your children.
I created this journal for my children to record what they're thankful for in November. Print it duplexed, fold in the center, and cover with a piece of construction paper.
Thanksgiving_Journal_docx.PDF Thanksgiving_Journal_docx.PDF
Size : 112.705 Kb
Type : PDF


A selection of verses and passages.

Bible CopyWork 2010.docx Bible CopyWork 2010.docx
Size : 22.521 Kb
Type : docx


A selection of hymns, documents, stories, and poems that my children will be copying this year.

Copywork 2011.docx Copywork 2011.docx
Size : 29.506 Kb
Type : docx


Selections I gathered for their Early American History Unit. 

American History Copywork - calibri.docx American History Copywork - calibri.docx
Size : 35.146 Kb
Type : docx


I collected journal suggestions from various websites and compiled them here. My girls each have a journal that they write in daily. This year, I'm having them choose to write one item from this document and then check it off. I ask them to write at least three sentences.

Journal Prompts.docx Journal Prompts.docx
Size : 21.89 Kb
Type : docx

Favorite Websites:

FREE Preschool Resources

I've used this free website year after year when my children are preschool age! I can't wait to start it again with my two year old this fall.


If you're looking for outline maps for notebooking and geography projects, this website is a must-see!

FREE Typing Program

My kids have already been through a typing program and I was looking for something different this year. We're going to try this free online program.

FREE Reading Lessons

My early readers have so much fun playing this online game! It really helps them with their reading skills in a very fun way.

FREE Geography Games

When we were going through US History, this website taught my kids the locations of the states and most of their capitals, and they didn't even realize they were learning. Perfect!


Every year, my home school style falls more in-line with the Charlotte Mason philosophy. This website has everything you need to know about this style of teaching.