The Day it Rained

a short story

© 2007 Rebecca Emerick


There was a mouse who was not happy at home. His name was Renite. He had a roof over his head, family who loved him, and plenty to eat, but he wasn't happy, so one day he ran away, without even leaving a note. He was glad to be free! He knew he'd find happiness somewhere else, and he didn't really care about his parents and siblings or the friends he left behind.

Ren wasn't even a day into his journey when he fell into a big hole. The hole was deep and its smooth dirt walls surrounded him on all sides.

And there he stayed.

Day after day, Ren was stuck in the pit. At first he thought, "I'm a strong mouse! Quite possibly the strongest mouse that ever existed. I can climb my way out of this hole." He tried to scurry his way to the top, but his nails filled with dirt and his feet fell beneath him.

"Alright, I may not be the strongest mouse, but I am quite certainly the cleverest mouse that ever existed. I can come up with a plan to get out of here." He first created dust signals by running in circles, hoping someone above would notice. He then yelled very loudly in case someone might hear. Ren also used the occasional falling leaf to create a type of ladder. Nothing worked, and in fact, with every futile attempt the light at the top seemed to grow further and further away.

Ren thought to himself, "Well, I might be alone in this unscalable hole, but at least I'm with good company! I am the only friend I need. Isn't this what I wanted? Time away from the useless chatter that filled my head from morning to night?"

And there he sat, thinking his own thoughts, debating his own good points, and agreeing with himself...

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